Our expertises

Our team brings together a wide range of complementary expertises enabling us to guide you throughout the technological cycle. Our range of intervention covers the strategic, tactical, and operational IT. Depending on your needs, we can advise you in planning the evolution of your technological infrastructure according to your business goals, manage the realization of your projects, and also support your daily IT operations.

Strategy and planning

Business process improvement

Many technologies can significantly improve your business profitability. Ecommerce, inventory optimization, process automation, collaboration platforms and document management are all areas where technologies that can enable you to achieve more with less effort.

Needs analysis and recommendations

Our consulting team brings together professionals with a wealth of complementary expertise granting us a 360-degrees view of your needs in order to design scalable solutions that will meet your current needs, while taking into consideration the future evolution of your organization.

Procurement Management

Technological procurement brings a number of challenges such as clearly defining technical specifications, account for compatibility and fast evolution of technologies. We are pleased to assist you for the selection from awide range of equipments, software and services. Funding available under conditions.

Risk management and business continuity

Best management practices involve a thorough assessment of the risks that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information systems. By adopting secure policies and processes, you can minimize the likelihood and the potential impact of the risks your organization faces.

IT strategy

In our constantly evolving world, technologies offer many opportunities to create value for your organization. Whether you are planning for fast growth, to establish new branches, to increase your agility with teleworking and cloud services, we will be happy to develop a strategic IT plan that will help you reach your organizational goals.

Design and deployment


Using software specifically designed for your business can grant your organization a unique competitive advantage. Following an agile methodology based on close collaboration and short deadlines to add new features to your own software, our team will be happy to guide you through the developement of your new application to fulfill your needs in a timely manner, on the platform of choice: Windows, Web or mobile.


The design of your datacenter should consider factors such as performance, availability, flexibility, security and compliance standards that apply to your organization. This analysis is then used to determine the appropriate deployment model for your infrastructure: private, public or hybrid. The adoption of platform and software as services can also offer great benefits.


We provide you with a high level of expertise in the design of local, wireless and wide area networks offering great levels of performance, mobility and security. We will be happy to design a highly resilient infrastructure that can grow with your organization, or even a wireless network optimized to suit your density and coverage needs, while considering your QoS requirements for voice, data and video transmission.


The virtualization of your systems, combined with the judicious use of cloud services, can optimize resources usage while maximizing performance, resiliency and flexibility. Our specialists design your system according to your needs and pay special attention to each of its components: application, data, runtime, middleware, operating system, virtualization, server, storage and network.

Operation and optimization

Application management

Managing the deployment of applications and their updates require special attention in order to minimize the impact on your operations. This is why we support your staff in the use of multiple applications. We can also measure application performance and make the necessary enhancements to applications and databases.

Help desk

Analysts from our service desk will be pleased to assist you and to support the fulfillment of your requests to your full satisfaction. On a side note, our support center has also earned the HDI Team Certified 2016 award for maintaining a minimum of 80% of its staff having earned at least one HDI certified credential. Whatever you may encounter, you will never be alone!

Network and security

By trusting our specialists for the management of your network, you can rest assured about the management your information security, the configuration of your phone system, and the performance of your network - even for your wireless network. We can also perform the installation and certification of structured cabling inside or outside of your facilities.

Operations management

Avoid unpleasant surprises by entrusting us with the proactive audit of your facilities to ensure that your environment continues to provide its expected capacity and level of service. We also take care of checking your data backups, testing your recovery procedures, and even perform preventive maintenance of your equipment and facilities.


We monitor your systems to keep them in the best working conditions to deliver performance and peace of mind. We take care of your systems maintenance and updates, measure and optimize performance, test your disaster recory procedures, all while maintaining clear documentation about the state of your IT environment.

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