As partners, our mission is to help your organization enhance its performance with the innovative use of information technology.

The strategic role of IT in the modern business

The creative integration of technologies has the potential to transform your business model and operations. Several trends offer interesting opportunities to proactive organizations. Consider the growing adoption of cloud services and the use of personal mobile devices as professional tools. Many productivity and next-generation collaboration tools can also improve efficiency while enhancing relationship with your current and potential customers.

Fields of application are extremely diverse and the potential benefits are significant. Identifying opportunities that offer the best prospects, you will stand out advantageously in terms of innovation, productivity, marketing and recruitment. What will be your next action to propel your organization to the next level?


Lenovo awards Androïde's team with the status of Lenovo Data Center Partner Gold in recognition of its expertise in regards to the design and integration of data centers based on Lenovo solutions.

The entire team thanks you for your trust and loyalty during the past 30 years. It is with great pleasure that we will continue deploying all our energy to provide you with the best service.

Fortinet awards the title of Gold Level Partner to Androïde, thus rewarding the high level of expertise of its team in regards to Fortinet security solutions and its commitment to offer exemplary customer service.



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Why do 1300+ organizations trust Androïde?

Stéphane Parent, General manager

Coopérative des paramédics de l’Outaouais
Androïde enables us to be highly efficient. In our domain, minutes are counted as soon as an ambulance request is transmitted to a dispatcher. Our integrated system of computer-assisted dispatch must be secure and functional at all times. Androïde's team is caring, conscientious and experimented, thus we feel well surrounded and ready to face any eventuality.

Nathalie Lehoux, President

Restaurants Pacini
What I appreciate most about our partnership with Androïde, it is the integrity that these people show. Each of their intervention aims towards our benefit. It's so reassuring to know that we can move forward and that we are supported in all respects, they only have one goal in mind: our success. Another of their strengths is their reliability. Their involvement is considerable. Yes, Androïde is truly a full partner.

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