Collaboration and productivity

Application and device management

The adoption of mobile devices in your organization may pose some challenges. By centralizing and automating the management of your devices, identities and applications, you can control access while ensuring adequate protection of your data. By adopting single sign-on (SSO) and desktop virtualization, your users can now use their own devices to access your business applications, simply and safely.

Enterprise mobility

Today, organizations need to be more agile: activities across several offices, frequent movement of personnel, adoption of telecommuting, use of personal devices, collaboration with remote teams, etc. The implementation of secure remote access, remote desktop services, and the use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) can simplify your management, increase flexibility and facilitate remote collaboration.

Inventory management

Greatly simplify the management and tracking of your inventory and assets by using solutions tailored to fit the needs your business reality. We offer a wide range of bar code readers and label printers specifically designed to meet the requirements of the manufacturing, retail and logistics sectors, as well as mobile and field workers.

IP telephony and unified communications

Improve your team's performance with a scalable communication platform supporting from 2 to 2500 users and that meet the needs of office staff, mobile workers, as well as telecommuters. Supporting traditional telephone features such as automated response, voice mail and conferences, you can also record your calls and perform automatic call distribution according to specific criterias.

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Twinning calls on your mobile device allows colleagues and customers to contact you using a single phone number, videoconferencing provides better communication with your remote collaborators, instant messaging allows you to communicate with your colleagues during a call, and presence awareness lets you know who is currently on the phone or away from the office. Moreover, these unified communications features are availiable on many platforms: web portal, softphone or even your mobile device!

Multichannel contact centers

Benefit from a scalable platform making customer service a priority. Let your customers choose the channel they are the most comfortable with to communicate with your organization: voice, email or web chat. With several specialized reports, management of agent groups, skill-based distribution, call recording and management of telemarketing campaigns, you will have all the tools you need in order to maximize the efficiency of your contact center.

Office 365 cloud services

With Office 365, you always have the latest version available and you can work from anywhere, with any device, using your OneDrive storage and Active Directory integration. With Exchange Online, your mail server benefits from all the advantages of cloud computing. SharePoint Online provides a solid collaboration platform facilitating the sharing of information and documents. You can also manage your projects with Project Pro and design professional schemas using Visio Pro for Office 365.

Video conference room systems

Video conferencing solutions specifically designed for SMEs are not only affordable, but they also allow you to make substantial savings by minimizing the need to travel for your staff. You can simply invite your customers and employees to connect to your video conferencing system using a user-friendly interface. If you do not have a conference room, or if your bandwidth is limited, you can also opt for a hosted platform requiring no physical installation.

Security and risk management

Data protection

Your data are an essential asset for your organization and maintaining their availability is critical to ensure the continuity of your operations. Setting up of a redundant storage system will provide you better resilience by limiting your dependence on a single hardware component. The elaboration of an appropriate backup and replication strategy enables the rapid recovery of your data in the event of a disaster or may even avoid a costly service interruption.

Email security and compliance

Significantly reduce junk mail and protect your resources against malware that could enter via this channel. You may also want to prevent data leaks and automate the retention of emails for a certain period of time in order to preserve the trace of exchanges in case of legal implications. By encrypting your emails during transmission, you prevent unauthorized intermediaries to peek inside the content of your emails while in transit to their destination.

Protection against attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are one of the main threats against your datacenter. Attacks of this type attempt to cause a service outage by exceeding your datacenter's capacity. Since they are executed in extremely diverse ways, they are almost impossible to detect with traditional methods. The best way to protect your datacenter is to use a high-performance solution based on behavioral traffic analysis equipped with application-specific integrated circuit processors.

Threat protection

A unified threat management (UTM) platform provides a wealth of features enabling a single device to prevent a great number of risks such as: web content filtering, application control, perimeter protection against malware, intrusion and data leak prevention, link and server load balancing, and high availability WAN. As this platform is also highly scalable, it is possible to add even more advanced components to meet specific requirements.

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Two-factor authentication provides an additional authentication mechanism to establish a secure connection to your network and advanced threat management helps prevent risks related to malware exploiting vulnerabilities that are still unkown. Centralized management of your devices and logging allows you to simplify network administration and to conduct a thorough analysis of your entire network's activity. It is also important to keep your endpoints well-protected.

Video surveillance

Keep an eye on your perimeter and valuable assets to prevent theft and unauthorized access. With our video surveillance systems tailored to your environment, digital video recorders and many intelligent detection features, you can be aware of everything  happening in your facilities using a web portal or even on your mobile device. We also offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor IP cameras with specialized features such as infrared and thermal vision.

Web application security

Did you know that a thorough management process of the vulnerabilities threatening your web applications is required in order to comply with the requirements of several safety standards? Most often containig a wealth of highly valuable confidential data, your web applications are prime targets for many sophisticated attacks such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, file inclusion, cookie poisoning, as well as denial of service attacks.

Web content security and compliance

The Web is an extremely useful source of information and also provides access to tools that can significantly improve your business productivity. However Its use may also expose your computer to many malicious software, cause distractions that may lead to loss of productivity or even pose legal risks if unauthorized acts are committed. Did you know that you could get a very detailed view and tightly control the use of your network?

Infrastructure optimization

Business continuity

In the modern organization, technological infrastructure is more than essential to support productivity. By combining preventive measures such as system virtualization, redundant infrastructure, power protection, and an appropriate backup and replication strategy, you significantly minimize the risks of a service outage and accelerate recovery in the unfortunate event of a disaster.

Data storage

The amount of data companies use is literally explosing. It is therefore essential to plan properly in order to have sufficient storage capacity to meet your current and future needs. The most fequently accessed data must provide an excellent level of performance to avoid causing frustrating and costly delays. In addition, it is necessary to control the business risks inherent in the storage of your data to ensure their continued availability.

Facilities cabling

Cabling forms the arteries through which information flows through your network. It is therefore essential that its implementation is structured to optimize performance, facilitate maintenance and future development. Our professional team will collaborate with you to design, deploy and optimize your network cabling. We also perform the verification and certification of cables, including copper cables and fiber optics.

Infrastructure and platform as services

Enjoy the flexibility and high availability provided by the cloud model by making the transition to a hybrid or public infrastructure. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and about the advanced and extremely rich platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

Virtualization and consolidation

Virtualization and consolidation optimize the flexibility, resilience and resource efficiency by pooling several physical components together and distributing their capabilities according to the actual load of each virtualized service. Software-defined datacenter also extends the benefits of virtualization to network, storage and security, enabling the complete automation of private, public and hybrid infrastructure management.

Wide area network availability

The availability and performance of your Internet link is critical to your operations. The aggregation and balancing of multiple links can not only benefit from a much more abundant bandwidth, but can also maximize the availability of your connection. Moreover, the caching of frequently accessed web content reduces loading time while freeing your precious bandwidth for other uses.

Wireless networks

Your wireless network is the foundation for many tools improving your efficiency and flexibility, such as tracking your assets using specialized wireless devices, voice over IP, allowing the use of mobile devices or providing an isolated network for your guests. Advanced features can also simplify the management of your wireless access points to optimize roaming among your coverage areas, and even to trace the movement of wireless devices in your facility!

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